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AV Rentals Near Me

Light and Sound Production: AV Rentals Near Me

Are you searching for AV rentals near me? You'll find audio equipment rentals and more at AllStar Productions. We rent lights, speakers, cable, control systems, and all the equipment you need for your event. Plus, we also design shows of all sizes. From stage wash lights for dramatic color effects to moving lights that get a crowd up and moving too—AllStar Productions has a variety of AV rentals. We offer stage lights and accessories to add atmosphere, as well. You can bet you'll find all the AV equipment you need, right here.

Check out our website for equipment such as the ADJ Fog Fury Jett Pro. It's a high-velocity vertical Fog Machine that mixes color into the fog to produce a colored blast of fog over 40 feet in the air. We also carry the ADJ Entour Rage Faze Machine, and more. In the audio equipment rentals department, you'll find everything you need to set up the show. You may need mics for a conference, panel discussion, or a screaming metal concert. We have them all. We offer a wide range of audio equipment for AV production and concert staging. You'll find all the top brands with gear to meet needs from a single mixer on up. We can customize both wired and wireless solutions, conference-style microphones, stage equipment, and more

Whether you need audio equipment rentals for a concert or you searched for AV rentals near me because you work in theatre, AllStar Productions has all the gear to fit your needs. If you run a theatre or are a concert promoter, work with a company that provides your request for AV rentals near me and use ALLStar Productions for your lighting and audio equipment rentals. Even better? We can crew you up too. Give us a call or drop us a line to find out all we have to offer in audio equipment rentals and more.

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