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Stage Lights Rentals

Theatre Stage Lighting: Stage Lights Rentals

Theatre stage lighting is a special affair. Stage lights set the mood, transition scenes, and put a spotlight on a character. They also make concerts and other large events much more dramatic. If you're searching for theatre stage lights, then you've found your source here, at AllStar Productions. We offer stage light rentals and a variety of options to choose from as well. Not only that, but we can also provide the crew to set up and run the theatre stage lighting if you don't have in-house techs.

These days theatre stage lighting is specialized equipment that can do many things automatically that used to take extra time and effort. Take colored lights, for example. Today we have multicolored LEDs and rarely need to use overlays to get the effects we want in lighting design. We can set up vast, intricate display systems and video walls that incorporate lighting and other multi-media effects.

Our stage light rentals include equipment such as The Encore Profile Pro Color with DMX controlled electronic strobe and a variety of dimming modes. This unit is flicker-free so that you can use it in TV and film. It has an LCD control display panel and an integrated rigging yoke. You'll find that stage light rentals can provide almost all of the options you need for your production. The tricky part is having people who are well-versed in using the equipment. A professional knows how to get the most from theatre stage lighting. Don't worry. If you don't have the crew, we do.

Contact us to find out more about our stage light rentals and how we can help with equipment and crew for your production.

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