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Arriving April 2024


Hydro Hybrid is one of ADJ’s most versatile fixtures to date because it produces a beam, spot and wash from the same fixture. Its IP65-rated housing, along with a 420-Watt Osram SIRIUS HRI lamped power source, makes it ideal for temporary outdoor or indoor event productions.  


Hydro Hybrid offers an assortment of creative beam-shaping tool that modern lighting designers are seeking. The fixture has two prisms on dual planes, offers motorized zoom and focus, and 2 GOBO Wheels (9 rotating/removeable and 14 fixed). 


Any desired color can be selected from the CMY color mixing system. Or quickly choose from the 12 colors on the built-in color wheel. There are also preset white color temperature macros available to help aid with specific shades of white that can be changed on the fly.


The fixture operates at 420-Watts full power, and has a Eco mode at only 330-Watts. There are three DMX channel modes. Users also have the benefit of controlling the fixture via RDM. 


Hydro Hybrid

Expected to ship end of may
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